Ground daily in house from a proprietary blend of fresh, never frozen, Canadian beef.
All burgers served with Fries or Salad.
The King Eddy Burger $19.99
Our legendary double cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, red onion, dill pickle, & our famous King Eddy (mayo) sauce.
The “Lulu” Eddy Burger (Gluten Free) $19.99
Our legendary King Eddy double cheeseburger wrapped in a crispy lettuce with tomato, red onion, dill pickle, & our famous King Eddy sauce.
The King Eddy Patty Melt $19.99
Grilled cheese sandwich on Texas toast, double beef patty, dill pickle, red onion, & served with a side of our famous King Eddy sauce.
The Beyond Real Veggie Burger $19.99
House made black bean & quinoa vegan patty, dill pickle, mayo slaw, lettuce, & chili mayo.
Gluten free? Make it a ‘Lulu’!


Hand breaded to order with our own secret herb & spice recipe!
Vegetarian option: substitute cauliflower for any NFC Meal! No charge.
The NFC Bucket $34.99
10 pieces of bone-in Northern Fried Chicken.
Side order option: 3-piece NFC $14.99
NFC Family Meal Deal! $51.99
10pc NFC Bucket, large fries, double gravy, & small coleslaw or green salad.
NFC & Waffles $26.99
3 pieces of bone-in Northern Fried Chicken on a freshly baked house made waffle with country gravy (contains dairy), fries, syrup, & slaw.
“Do the dirty bird”! add a fried egg $1.00 or substitute small poutine $2.49
NFC Strippers & Fries $20.99
Boneless Chicken tenders served with fries & your choice of sauce included.
(Choice: The King Eddy Sauce, Eddy’s Hot Honey, King Eddy BBQ, King Eddy’s Hot Sauce, Chili Mayo, or Plum Sauce)
All sandwiches served with Fries or Salad.
The NFC Sandwich $18.99
Northern Fried Chicken breast on sesame seed bun with chili mayo, lettuce, tomato & dill pickle.
Eddy’s HOT FIRE SPICY Chicken $19.99
Northern Fried Chicken breast on sesame seed bun with King Eddy’s Hot Sauce, Hot Honey, Dill Pickle, & our famous King Eddy sauce.
The King Eddy Club $19.99
Double decker Northern Fried Chicken breast sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, red onion, and mayo.
Grilled Cheese (vegetarian) $14.99
A cheesy classic!
Add: Pickled Jalapenos/ Fried Onions / Fried Mushrooms / Tomato $1.00 ea.
Add: Bacon $2
Tuna Sandwich $14.99
Tuna salad, tomato, lettuce, & cucumber on multigrain toast.
Add cheddar cheese melt $2
Hand cut & double fried!
Quebec Poutine (Vegetarian) $13.99 regular / $9.99 small
The classic with cheese curds & gravy!
Add bacon, fried egg, or substitute Country Gravy $2.00
Add Fried Onions, Fried Mushrooms, & Beef Patty $5.99
Add boneless ‘Northern Fried Chicken’ breast $5.99
Loaded Chili-Cheese Fries $16.99 / $11.99 small
KE beef or vegetarian chili (GF), cheddar, chili mayo, and chives.


Hand Cut Fries $5.99 small $8.99 large
Green Salad $5.99 small $11.99 large
Sweet Potato Fries w/ King Eddy Sauce $7.99 small $9.99 large
Onion Rings w/ King Eddy Sauce $7.99 small $9.99 large
Fried Dill Pickles w/ King Eddy Sauce $9.99
Onion Rings + Hand Cut Fries w/ King Eddy Sauce $10.99 Large
Small Chili (beef or vegetarian) $6.99
Gravy (Vegetarian + Gluten Free) $2.99


All day! everyday!
The King Eddy Breakfast $14.99
2 eggs your way served with a side of KE beef chili and…
Choice of: bacon, sausage, or fresh tomato slices.
Home fries or salad.
Brown, white, or rye toast.
Add avocado or “Poutine your homies!” $4.00
Morning Glory Sandwich $16.99 (Voted Ottawa’s Best Breakfast Sandwich!)
House made spicy maple & herb sausage patty on English muffin with fried egg, cheese, & garlic mayo with of home fries or salad.
Notorious B.L.T.& E. $16.99
Bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, chili mayo, & cheese on a fresh baked croissant with home fries or salad.
Locco Mocco $16.99
Rice bowl with 2 KE beef patties, gravy (GF), & a sunny egg.
Fried Eggs & Chilli $16.99
King Eddy beef or Vegetarian chilli (GF) topped with 2 sunny side eggs, guacamole, & cheddar with garlic buttered rye toast.
Eddy’s Cure Burger $22.99
King Eddy single cheeseburger with bacon, beef chili, fried egg & our famous King Eddy sauce. Served with a small Quebec poutine! Add an extra beef patty $4.00


Served from Open 'til 4pm everyday
The NFC Benny $20.99
Two poached eggs, Northern Fried Chicken, & country gravy (contains dairy) on English muffin with homefries or salad.
The King & Queen Benny
Two poached eggs with hollandaise on english muffin with your choice of homefries or salad.
with peameal bacon $19.99
with smoked salmon $20.99
Add avocado +$3 or substitute bacon for avocado no charge.
King Portobello (vegetarian) $19.99
Two poached eggs, roasted red pepper hollandaise, & feta cheese on a bed of sautéed greens & portobello mushrooms with your choice of homefries or salad.
The King Eddy Omelette $19.99
Mushrooms, peppers, onions, spinach, bacon, & cheddar with a side of KE beef chili, choice of toast (white, brown, or rye) & homefries or salad.
Eddy’s Sour Cream Pancakes $19.99
House made three-stack topped with strawberries, whipped cream, & syrup.
French Toast $17.99
Three slices of French toast topped with strawberries, whipped cream, & syrup.
Brunch Sides
Single Pancake $7.99
French Toast $6.99
Side bacon or sausage $4.50
Peameal Bacon or Morning Glory Patty $4.99
Hollondaise $4.50
Tomato Slices $3.75
Toast, English muffin, or Croissant $3.75


Hello friends!
The Whole Earth Salad (vegetarian) $17.99
Baby greens, chickpeas, cauliflower, dried cranberries, tomatoes, golden beets, carrot, roasted sunflower seeds, feta cheese, and cilantro-lime vinaigrette. Add grilled chicken $4.99
Kung PAO! Chicken Salad $18.99
Northern Fried Chicken breast, kung pao sauce, Nappa cabbage, mandarin, red pepper, roasted PEANUTS, chives, cilantro, & sesame ginger vinaigrette.
Cobb Salad $19.99
Baby greens, crumbled blue cheese, peameal bacon, grilled chicken breast, cucumber, hummus, pickled egg, & red wine dijon vinaigrette.



The Eddy Foot Long $18.99
Nathan’s Famous All Beef Hot Dog with KE relish, mustard, dill pickle, red onion, & tomatoes with fries or salad.
The King’s Chilli-Cheese Dog $19.99
Nathan’s Famous All Beef Hot Dog with KE beef chilli, cheddar, & chilli mayo with fries or salad.
King Eddy Corn Dog $14.99
House battered Nathan’s Famous all beef hot dog served with Honey Mustard with fries or salad.
Fish & Chips $19.99
2pc fried haddock, fries, mayo slaw, & tartar sauce.
Roasted Tomato Soup $9.99
Cheddar melt with croutons


Slice of Cake $9.99
New York cheesecake, crème brulée cheescake,
carrot cake, vegan chocolate cake
Soft Serve Ice Cream: cup or cone $4.00
Vanilla, Chocolate, or Twist
Cookie Monster Sundae S $8.99 / L $11.99
Chocolate & Vanilla Twist soft serve, chocolate sauce, Oreo crumbs, mini chips Ahoy!
“R.I.P.” (Reese In Peace) Sundae S $8.99 / L $11.99
Chocolate soft serve, PEANUT butter, Nutella, PEANUTS, chocolate sauce, Reese’s Pieces.
Banana Caramel Sundae S $8.99 / L $11.99
Vanilla Soft Serve, caramel, house made granola, banana slices, whipped cream.



Milkshakes $8.99
Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Nutella, Espresso, Banana, or Orange Creamsicle.
Soda Floats $8.99
Vanilla Ice Cream with Root Beer, Cream Soda, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi



Bottomless Fountain Pop $3.75
Pepsi, Diet, Gingerale, Iced Tea, 7up
Old Fashioned Soda $5
Root Beer or Cream Soda
San Pellegrino $5.00 / 750ml $8.00
Lemon or Blood Orange
Red Bull $6.00
Shirley Temple $7.00
Orange Juice $4.50 small / $6,50 large
Lemonade $4.50
Apple, Cranberry, or Pineapple $3.75
Milk or Chocolate Milk $4.50


HOT DRINKS (tax incl.)
Bottomless Drip Coffee (locally roasted & freshly ground) $3.75
Espresso $3.50
Latte or Cappuccino $4.50
Oat Milk Latte (GF & Vegan) $4.75
Hot Cocoa $4.50
Tea $3
green/earl grey/peppermint/english breakfast/chai/herbal


(Available for Take Out + Delivery!)
Miller High Life 473ml
Pommies Cider 473ml (Caledon, ON)
Draught Beer 16oz
House Red or White 750ml 6oz. $6 / 9oz. $9
La Marca Prosecco 750ml (Italy, D.O.C.) $11 glass / $55

The Last Caesar $14
Vodka, King Eddy’s caesar mix
The Margareddy $12
Tequila blanco, lime, agave, bitters
Eddy's Sangria $12/ $22 jug
Red or White
Punk in Drublic Punch $14
Bourbon, Red Sour Puss, Red Bull, lime
The Dude $15
Vanilla Ice cream, Vodka, Kahlua, half & half cream
Dad’s Root Beer Float $15
Amaretto, Jameson, Vanilla ice cream, Root Beer
Irish Mocha Bomb $15
Chocolate ice cream, Bailey’s, Espresso
Brunch Caesar $10
Our famous ‘Last Caesar’ made with 1oz vodka, no garnish.
Mimosa $10 / $22 jug
Lamarca Prosecco, fresh OJ, San Pellegrino.
Bailey & The Jets Spiked Coffee $10
Bailey’s, Jameson, coffee. 


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