Why do we claim to have #ottawasbestburger? Well it all starts with quality fresh ingredients and keeping it old school! Our meat is ground fresh on site EVERY day, NEVER frozen, from a proprietary blend which provides for a juicy mouthwatering burger patty everytime. From there it's rolled up into a nice little meatball and then smashed on our flat-top grill left to cook in its own juices.

Now slap some classic cheddar on that and double up the patties; to be served on a fresh sesame seed bun*! (and we don't hide the fact that we may use "processed cheese" - again, it's a throwback to the iconic 1950's original american style cheeseburger).

All there is left to do is to dress the burger as you see fit: King Eddy sauce, dill pickles, tomatoes, sautéed onions, bacon, or a fried egg just to name a few. And there you have you it: The King Eddy burger! 


*It's 2015 - we get it, you don't eat gluten. All good because our burgers have absolutely no fillers or preservatives and you can have it served 'Lulu' style with no bun! (we suggest wrapping it in lettuce!).